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What is Good Posture?

“Sit up straight. Shoulders back, tummy in,” These are phrases you have probably heard. But what good have they done for you? What is good posture really? Well I can say I already had my Doctor of Physical Therapy and didn’t know either.

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Mom holding baby while physical therapist, Julia Kegelman examines her.

Bodywork For Babies

There was a time when I used to think that most humans began as ideal forms. A perfect biological creation set forth to unfold on the path of pre-programmed growth and development. That it wasn’t until some external force collided with the body in an unfortunate circumstance that this destiny toward optimal potential would be sidetracked.

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Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

Manual Physical Therapy can support bringing life into this world in so many ways. When you are in any stage of parenthood, be it imagining your future family, growing a human, recovering from delivery, feeding them constantly, playing sports and doing crafts, or sending them off to college, this work can remove barriers to really enjoying the whole process.

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Julia Kegelman physical therapist in Wilmington, DE performs functional manual therapy on a woman with a yellow shirt

Why Visceral Manipulation?

Think of the body as a skeleton whose job it is to protect your life sustaining organs. Your skeleton has muscles attached to it so that those life sustaining organs can move throughout the world. Your organs also connect to your skeleton via fascia. Think of fascia like a seatbelt for your organ. It keeps everyone in their place during the ride.

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