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Personalized Physical Therapy

Improve the connection with your body by receiving manual therapy and neuromuscular reeducation services, available in Northern Delaware and surrounding areas.

Reach the full potential of your recovery

Regain your strength, mobility, and flexibility, and live life to the fullest. From personalized treatment plans to hands-on techniques and education, I will become your partner in achieving your recovery goals.

Wholistic treatment

Personalized Therapy Services

Experience a personalized level of physical therapy care with a wholistic treatment approach, designed to address your unique needs and goals for optimal wellness and function.

Julia Kegelman Physical Therapist treats the foot of a patient in her Northern Delaware office.

Adults Care

Individualized treatment to resolve the root cause of your pain, restore function, and prevent future injury. 

Julia Kegelman treating baby with bodywork

Pediatric Care

Gentle techniques that remove barriers to developing optimal motor skills, strength and balance, as well as issues related to feeding, digestion, or breathing.

meet julia

Your Partner in Healing

Julia Kegelman, DPT, CFMT

Since 2007, I’ve been helping people who have reached the end of what standard health care has to offer. By listening more deeply than the story, together we find the untapped potential to heal. I approach physical therapy with excitement to help people discover the center of their pain and understand it in a more friendly way.

I treat the whole person, not just their area of pain by combining osteopathic-based mobilization techniques with a deep understanding of neuromuscular function within the body.  This is essential for those who have had long standing pain and dysfunction. It’s reconfiguring the relationship of the body and the brain that truly allows patients to achieve their ultimate goals.

After our first visit, there is a connection forming the foundation of all of our future work.  I will hold space for whatever patient’s bring to the session with the intention of raising mindfulness around beliefs that no longer serve them. 

"Her therapy has made a big difference in my life!"
Before seeing Julia, I had facial pain and was taking medication to manage it for several years. With Julia's wonderful craniosacral therapy, I am now pain free and was able to completely stop taking pain medication. Her therapy has made a big difference in my life!
– Linn
"Julia has done wonders for me over the years!"
We have been seeing Julia for about 15 years. Julia has made a huge impact to my wife who has been treated by Julia for back, shoulder, and neck issues. Julia has done wonders for me over the years as well with treating various issues, and now with treating my symptoms of osteoarthritis. The most impressive aspect of working with Julia is that her training goes well beyond the normal PT treatments. For me, the functional manual therapy and neuromuscular re-education has made a huge difference. The exercises Julia prescribed for me continues to benefit my continued progress. Her knowledge and skills, combined with her amazing personality, make every treatment with Julia worthwhile.
– Angelo F.
"I am now calm and refreshed and able to focus on the present, enjoying every moment with my baby."
The birth of my son did not go according to plan. After he was born, I experienced a great deal of stress and trauma as a result of the events that took place that day. During a session with Julia, she prompted me to rewrite my birth experience as I would like to remember it, guiding me as I created my ideal birth story. By restructuring the narrative, I am now calm and refreshed and able to focus on the present, enjoying every moment with my baby. Julia is truly wonderful and has helped me immensely!
– Michaela K.
"Healing after back surgery helped me have less pain"
Working with Julia while in the beginning stages of healing after back surgery helped me have less pain so I could reduce the amount of medication I needed. I slept better and had restored GI mobility too.
– Nancy L.
"Dr. Julia Kegelman discovered and treated the causes of the pain."
Six months ago I had intensely painful sciatica. Dr. Julia Kegelman discovered and treated the causes of the pain, and now I am free from the symptoms, and have recovered full use of my left leg. I am deeply grateful for Dr. Kegelman’s competent care.
– Owen
"Julia is superb at craniosacral therapy!"
I was referred to Julia Kegelman by Lauren Reinhold of Pain and Sleep Therapy. I started working with Lauren on myofacial release to prepare for tongue tie release surgery. Lauren sent me to Julia for craniosacral therapy to help with the myofacial release. I don’t know all of the science behind the craniosacral therapy, I just know that it works. I was able to move my tongue certain ways after Julia performed craniosacral therapy, enabling me to do Lauren’s myofacial exercises in preparation for the tongue tie release surgery. I truly believe that it was Julia’s craniosacral therapy that enabled me to have an easy and successful tongue tie release surgery. Julia is superb at craniosacral therapy!
– Phyllis
"The work that Julia has done for me has alleviated much of my fascial tension"
The work that Julia has done for me has alleviated much of my fascial tension, resulting in reductions of body pain. These subtle, yet profound changes make me FEEL BETTER.
– Chrissy
"All thanks and appreciation extended to Julia, who gave me back my husband!"
My husband's mobility was immediately affected by the treatments Julia provided. The man who returned from his first appointment was not the man who had left earlier. With focus on the agony, I overlooked a chance for "before & after" photo documentation. It was actually incredible. A year later the progress continues. All thanks and appreciation extended to Julia, who gave me back my husband!
– Nan F.
"She is always willing to answer questions and explain how things are interconnected in terms that are easily understood."
Julia has a great skill combining craniolsacral fascial therapy, visceral manipulation, and conventional physical therapy to help address the clients' needs and overall wellness. She is always willing to answer questions and explain how things are interconnected in terms that are easily understood. Her demeanor is encouraging and allows you to relax during treatment.
– Michael Z.
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Specialized Treatments

Neuromuscular Reeducation

Restoration of optimal motor function throughout the body via the application of specific hand placement and resistance to the layers of muscle that have gone dormant.

Body Mechanics Training

A progression of lessons that teach how to assume and integrate efficient sitting, standing, postural transitions, and gait into your daily routine.

Pediatric Bodywork

Application of craniosacral therapy and visceral mobilization for infants and children to support optimal growth and development.

Visceral Mobilization

Tissue directed fascial release techniques that restore optimal mobility within and around an organ.

Craniosacral Therapy

Restoration of mobility and optimal tone within the central nervous system that is guided by the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid.

Functional Manual Therapy

A framework for physical therapy evaluation and treatment that considers the contribution of mechanical, neuromuscular, and motor control dysfunction.

How Functional Manual Therapy™ differs from traditional physical therapy.

Functional Manual Therapy™ is a framework for evaluating and treating Physical Therapy patients. FMT clearly identifies what aspects of the body are out of balance allowing the therapist to prioritize treatment methods that will help the patient reach their goals in the least amount of sessions.

Grow toward your most authentic self with the right support.